Wireless Internet Provider and WISP

Wireless Internet Provider and WISP

Some people get confused when it comes to using the word wireless. First of all it is not a radio that plays old timers music, let’s get that out of the way right now. Then we need to make the difference between having wireless in the home and having wireless internet.

If you have a cable coming into your home, whether it is from a cable company or a phone line and you attach a modem to it, it is not wireless internet. If you have this and can roam around your house using the wireless on you laptop then you have a wireless router or wireless modem or a wireless access point attached to your modem or router. This is not wireless internet. This is having a wireless LAN or local area network.

So what is wireless internet and who is a provider of it and what does this WISP thing mean? Let us answer that last part first. WISP stands for Wireless Internet Service Provider. If you want wireless internet to your home or have it already, then you are using the services of a WISP. These providers have a wireless network that you connect to.

There are no cables leading to your home, however you still need a router or modem. This router or modem will be connected to power and possible connected to your home computer via a cable or wirelessly. The connection between the WISP and your home is wireless but the connection from the modem to your computers does not necessarily have to be wireless.

The great thing about having a WISP is that if you decide to move from your current location to another one, then you can just take the modem with you and still be connected. This is provided that the WISP that you have a contract with services the area that you move to, that there wireless network extends to that area.

More and more WISPS are popping up and some of the traditional ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are now creating their own wireless networks that you can choose to connect to. There are some different things you need to know before connecting yourself up to these contracts. These things can include speeds and your location and whether or not you can get good signal strength. Make sure you are getting a good deal before you move from a wired plan to a wireless plan.

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