Wireless Internet As Your Navigation System

Wireless Internet As Your Navigation System
Many car manufacturers are trying to keep up with the changes in technology by including those changes in their cars. There are many cars on the market now that are equipped with built-in navigation systems. While a navigation system may increase the appeal of the car to many people, it also increases the price of the car which is less appealing to many people. You dont need to pay for an overpriced built-in navigation system in your car when you have a reliable wireless Internet connection.

It is a common stereotype that men do not like to ask for directions and they often claim they can never get lost while driving. This stereotype is often portrayed and mocked during sitcoms on the television and popular movies. The truth is that most people are capable of getting lost in a new surrounding and not many people enjoy having to ask for directions. Getting out of your car and asking for directions and a stop light or gas station can be an inconvenience and often wont even get you in the right direction.

When you have a navigation system, you are less likely to get loss and it is usually unnecessary to stop and ask for directions. However, navigation systems can be expensive and are only helpful when youre driving somewhere new. If you live in Connecticut and generally know your way around, you may not want to spend the money on a navigation system to get you to and from the grocery store each week. However, if you have mobile wimax, you can use it as a navigation system when you are trying to find a new restaurant in Connecticut and might be a little confused about the exact direction to drive.

You can get online with wireless Internet and search for directions for that new restaurant or look up where you are on Google maps to be sure youre driving in the correct direction. Then when you arent using your 4G network to get you out of a directional bind at high speeds, you can use it for all your other Internet needs. Why spend money on a navigation system when you can just use the same wireless Internet connection you use for your e-mail, video chatting and news outlets?

You can save yourself money by not purchasing a car with a built-in navigation system when you purchase WiMax technology instead. Youll have a reliable Internet connection virtually anywhere in Connecticut that you can use to map directions while you are sitting in the parking lot after work or use to send a few e-mails letting your friends and family know that you are on your way to meet them at that new restaurant for dinner. You can also use your 4G network to get online and look up the phone number of the new restaurant to make sure they have a reservation for you since you will be arriving right on time without the use of a built-in navigation system in your car.

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