Wireless Craze ? Wireless Door Chime

Wireless Craze ? Wireless Door Chime

Almost everything comes both ways now—wired and wireless, with the latter being the trend. There are indeed undeniably numerous advantages that comes with anything wireless, so companies just keep getting rid of the wires in virtually every common household item, starting with phones all the way to internet connections. Door chimes now come in wireless forms, too.

Among the benefits of wireless door chimes, you can definitely count on the following:
Ease of installation. No internal wiring means no hassle installation. You just need to mount the button on your front door or gate and it will send signals to the portable receiver inside your house which in turn blurts out the nice chimes you hear every time the button is pressed.

Convenience. Because of the utter lack of wiring, you don’t need to make sure no wires are in the way or exposed. You don’t need an electrician to install it too. Mice and other pests can’t gnaw on signals, so your door chime is more pest-resistant.

Portable. Everyone’s gone through house remodelling hell when it comes to securely and safely removing, rewiring, and reinstalling wired devices. Well, you can be sure your wireless door chime won’t cause you more headaches than you already have to deal with when that time comes.

Personality with functionality. Who ever said wireless door chimes stopped at being wireless and portable? They can be personal and stylish, too. Much like a key chain can boast its owner’s views, opinions, or characteristics, wireless door chimes can act the same way. And of course they’re not limited to houses; they can spice up mobile homes and places of business where wiring might not be convenient.

Customizable chimes. The same way wireless door chimes’ designs can be a homeowner’s personal touch to their homes, their sound can add even more character and style. The usual and over-used ‘ding-dong’ chime isn’t the only option anymore. You can even choose to play a recorded message or play actual music every time someone’s at the door.

Price. Need nothing flashy? You can get a good wireless door chime for $ 20. If you’re looking for a lot of flair, you can go for some as expensive (and feature-packed) as $ 200. Prices are affected by transmission range, design, customizable chimes, and others. On average, the range a wireless door chime can cover is 75-150 feet.

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