Look Up Lyrics With Wireless Internet

Look Up Lyrics With Wireless Internet

Everyone has had the experience of listening to a song, coming to truly love it, but still not having any idea what the heck the lyrics are saying. In fact, ask around and you will realize that most people can recount a story or two of a hilariously misheard lyrics.


In a recent New York Times article that you can access online with wireless Internet, Rolling Stone music journalist Rob Sheffield recounts the story of years spent thinking of a few lines from a Lou Reed song called “New Sensations” as some of his favorite lyrics of all time. The verses in question, Sheffield thought, went as follows: “I wanna press the buzzer for time to snooze / I wanna eradicate my negative views.” Sheffield had loved these lines because of their “perfect clash of mundane detail and grandiosely poetic resolution”. The song quickly became one of the rock journalist’s favorites. But then, one day he ended up looking at the lyrics sheet that came with the disc. Turns out, the actual lyrics were “I want the principle of a timeless muse”, not “I wanna press the buzzer for time to snooze”. This revelation after years of mishearing the song came as a sad shock to Sheffield, leading him to declare that, “Lyric sheets are evil.”


But for those people who have not grown attached to misheard lyrics, the age of wireless Internet has made it easier than ever to make sure what you thought your favorite song was about is true. Simply enter the title of the song for which you want to know the lyrics into your search engine of choice, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, or something else, and soon a number of different options will come up for you to read. Like everything with wireless Internet, of course, you want to make sure to check the source that you are reading. While certain websites will only post accurate, verified lyrics, many allow users to post whatever they feel like, so you could always be getting an incorrect version!


One way to skip the potentially hang-ups of wireless Internet inaccuracies all-together is by going to a specific artist’s website. While not all bands or solo acts will post their lyrics online, many will so that their fans can have the most up-to-date information. These sites can generally be trusted much more so than some random website that compiles lyrics from different bands.


Once you have looked up the lyrics, you can leave them open on your computer as you listen to the song. This way, if you would like, you can start to memorize them at your own leisure. Before you know it, it will seem like so long ago that you actually needed to look the lyrics up in the first place. Now, all of the sudden, if the song comes on in a crowded bar, you will know every single word and be able to sing along. Wireless Internet, and the music that it gives access to, are beautiful things.

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